Prophetic Front Ministry

"Before I formed you in your mother's womb I knew you I ordained you a prophet unto the nations " Jeremiah 1:5


We have to convey a spirit to the next generation. From the book of Samuel to Malachi we read about disciples, but before that we don’t. Samuel was the first one to establish a school of prophets. We are not told how it was formed or when it started, but since the days of Samuel the schools for prophets began.
There are four reasons to have a prophetic school and teach about the prophetic.

  1. To provide an opportunity for development.
  2. Vocation by itself is not enough.
  3. Understanding the times.
  4. Acquiring knowledge.

Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy. Every believer should be prophetic, although not everybody is called to be a prophet. The desire of God is for His church to have a prophetic spirit to make the difference and know the times we are living. That is the intention that moves the prophetic school to teach and impart on the prophetic knowledge to the body of Christ.

To give a foundation to the people of God with a basic knowledge on the prophetic movement and at the same time, to awaken and activate the gifts God has given to his church.

  • To equip and train people in the prophetic flow; to teach them that as prophetic people they should really work on their character; otherwise, if they don’t have a character formed by God, the gifts could destroy the church.
  • To awaken and exercise the prophetic student in order for him to discover his potential and be able to know where he is called to serve in the ministry.


  • An intensive one-day journey of teaching once a month.
  • A retreat of prophetic intercession once a year in different areas in order to bless the nations.


  • The Foundation of a Prophet The Identity and Call of a Prophet
  • The Gifts of the Holly Spirit and its use in the Prophetic Ministry Levels or Manifestations of the Prophetic Ministry
  • Worship and Prophetic Dance
  • The Prophet’s Profile The Seer
  • Prophetic Protocole
  • Paganism y Sincretism Spiritual Warfare
  • Prophetic Intercession
  • Conquering the Territory
  • Prophetic Symbols


    Prophetic Front is open to every believer in Jesus Christ who wants to learn about the prophetic flow. At Prophetic Front we do not ordain anybody as a Prophet or for any other ministry, nor do we give any spiritual cover. Our only purpose is to teach, train and equip the Body of Christ in the prophetic flow.

For further information, you can e-mail us at [email protected]